Union Fire Company of Bethel

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Company 54

Proudly Serving Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania since 1923

Ready to Respond 24/7/365

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The Union Fire Company of Bethel is located at 9675 Old Route 22 in Bethel, PA.  Company 54 is in Berks county Zone 3 fire.  Company 54 covers Interstate 78 for approximately 5 miles.  Our primary coverage area is the Eastern part of Bethel Township.  We also assist in the remaining area of Bethel Township, Upper Tulpehocken Township, Tulpehocken Township, Strausstown Borough, and other surrounding areas if we are needed.

*Fire company meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 20:00.  Training is held every Wednesday night at 19:00.  Both are held at the Union Fire Company of Bethel Engine Room unless specified other wise.

About the Company 

Union Fire Company of Bethel proudly protects approximately 2600 people living in an area of 8 square miles. We operate out of one station that protects a primarily rural area. Our run area includes a portion of Interstate 78,  Rt. 501, Rt. 183 and Rt. 419.    Rt. 501 and Rt. 183 run through the mountain which can become quite treacherous in the winter or on wet, rainy days, resulting in an accident. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status. Accidents, fires, trees down, wires down, pumping out basements, or just directing traffic are most of our calls in a years time but we are dispatched to do anything from a full blown structure fire to a public service for a needy citizen. We are here when you need us. 24/7/365

The fire company was incorporated on September 25, 1923 and started out with a model T Ford. We are one of the two fire companies that provide fire service to Bethel township in Berks County. Our current apperatus includes a 1998 Freighliner 1500 GPM Engine, 1993 Freightliner Squad truck, 1986/2000 Western Star Tanker, 2000 Chevolet Brush Truck, 1974 Ford 2300 gallon Tanker, and a 1971 Ford 750 GPM Engine.

Currently the Union Fire Company of Bethel has  21 active firefighters, 4 fire police, 4 active under 21 members, 3 junior firefighters, and 14 auxillary firefighters. 






Fire Dispatch 151.220

Fire Ground   33.94

Fire Ground   33.58

Fire Ground   33.68




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